Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Energizer - 'Break the Routine"

Activity type: Energizer
Team size: up to 50
Time: 10 mins
Location: Indoor and outdoor.

Make the participants to stand in a circle.

Now, ask someone to say one and point your hand to the next person and go up to 3 or 4 participants. After the first person saying 'one' the next person will continue to say 'two' and 'three' and so on.

Stop after the 4th person and ask the team, 'I said the first person to count one and I didn't say anything to the other persons. Why did they started counting in ascending order?'

Debrief: This is called following the routine. We follow something in our life regularly and we don't try to ask why we do so? like the ham and small pan story.

Unless we break the routine and think before doing something, our life will not change.

Activity Continues:
Now, tell the participants to count from one to seven in an ascending order. They will comfortably count. After two rounds, impose the new rule.

New rule: Any person who is getting four, instead of saying 'four', they shall do some funny action (as you prescribe). If the person getting four says 'four' without doing the action or saying four by doing the action will be called 'out'. Anyone faulting will be out of the game.

Now you can observe the person gets 'four' will be getting out. (some times the person getting 'five' also will get out because, the 'four' will not say anything).

Continue to play the game till the last person standing.

Now, debrief:
It is easy to follow the routine and it's not easy to change our behavior. We will adopt to the new behavior by practice. So, continue to practice the new way of life even though you fail several times.

Fun and a strong message will be there.

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