How to behave assertively?

How to think creatively?

How to Respond?

How to manifest positive thoughts?

How to improve communication?

How to succeed consistently?

Story of a girl with grit.

How to escape from poverty?

How to write better?

Who we are?

How to perform better?

How to manifest growth?

How to Satisfy your Customer?
How to have positive thoughts?

Moral Story from Science - English version.

Moral Story from Science - Tamil

Sell As Per That
Sell As Per That - is an exclusive content developed by Vertical Progress for Salesmen, Self Employed and Businessmen.

A short brief on this content is given in this video.

Stress Management
A Short video on Stress Management. This video will explain how to make use of your stress and achieve.

Easy tips to become "The Best" in your profession.

Do you want to know how important is saving? Do you want to know what are the three important things to be checked before saving? Do you want to know the two golden rules of savings? Watch this video.

I reduced my body weight from 106 Kgs to 82 Kgs in just 4 months. To know how, watch this video.

Video on Parenting
This video will through light on different parenting styles and highlight the effective parenting style.

Video on Team Management
Handling different people in a team is a challenging task for leaders. This video will help you to categorize your team members based on their performance and attitude and handle them effectively.

Video on Interpersonal Skills for Leaders
A leader need to do different activities to gain the positive opinion of mass people. Normal Interpersonal Skills won't work for Leaders. Here is the tool for leaders to build their charisma by improving interpersonal skills with lager team they have.

Interview on Customer Awareness
(Interviewed by Puthuyugam TV)

Interview on "Evaluate Your Life"
(interview starts from 16:30 minutes)

Interview on "Get to know your Customer"
(Interview starts at 14:30 minutes)

Interview about "Professional Speaking"
(Interview starts at 15:50 mins)

Interview about "Boost Your Self Esteem"
(Interview starts at 27:00 mins)

Interview by Prasanna on Sales and Business development
Part I

Part II

Part III

Addressing a mass gathering

Our Outbound Training Videos

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