Friday, September 22, 2017

Outbound Training Game: Hat & Sweat

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Here we have one of our Brain Child - Hat & Sweat.

Requirement: 7 numbers of Hats
Team Size: 9 members each team.
Duration: 10 Minutes for planning and 5 minutes for playing for each team.

7 participants are called as the Runners and two others are called as Supplier & Buyer.

Supplier and Buyer is made to sit/stand at a distance of 30 to 50 meters.

Supplier shall wear all the 7 hats in his head.

Runners are the one need to transfer the hats, one by one among themselves and then they wear the hats to the other end person 'Buyer'. Time taken to transfer all the hats from the Supplier to the Buyer is calculated and the team transferring all the hats in least time is the winner.

1. All the 7 runners must select their stand and order they stand and they shall not change the order they stand.
2. Each runner will take the hat from the predecessor and he/she shall not give the hat to the successor. Rather the Successor shall take it from his/her predecessor. Each runner shall wear the hat in their head. The successor shall take it from the predecessor's head only.
3. The runner standing first shall take the hat from the supplier and the second one shall take it from the first and transfer to the 3rd and vise versa.
4. Only the 7th runner has the rights to take the hat form the predecessor and to put it on the head of the Buyer.
5. At any point of time, each runner shall have one one hat.

The runners represent departments of a manufacturing setup. First runner is the Purchase department. Second runner is the Storage Department, Third is Manufacturing, Fourth is Quality, Fifth is Packing, Sixth is Logistics and the Seventh is the Sales/Marketing Department. So the order of each runner shall remain same.

One hat is the capacity of the manufacturing setup. They can not handle more than one hat per department at a time.

Different teams have different strategies. The winning team is the one in which all the seven runners stand near the supplier in the same order and transfer the hats as per the order and together run towards the buyer and stand there in order and transfer the hats one by one and thus take less time.

We can understand through this game that any given task can be completed by many ways. This world prefer only Smart way of doing things in which the time and effort is less.


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