Sunday, September 3, 2017

Activities and Energizers

"Learning by doing" is the most effective way of learning.

Activities and Energizers (Icebreakers) play an important role in training programs. They help the trainers to teach even complicated concepts in an easy way. Do you remember the Fleming's left hand rule yet? That's the effectiveness of Activities and Icebreakers.

The trainers have a new challenge. Following the age old activities. Even if one of the participants had already done the game, the fun in the activity is completely lost. I have come across few fellow trainers actively start the game and the thrill is lost as it is repeated.

We in Vertical Progress constantly brainstorm to develop new activities so that we stay fresh. One such Signature Activity of Vertical Progress:

Requirement: Water Balloons (ten per participant)

Game name: Man Vs Wild

Group Size: Any

Game: Split the group in to four teams. Let each team nominate one of them as Bear Grylls. He need to collect three or four items paced at distance. Other three teams should stand in a circle or within a boundary at a distance that they can hit the Bear Grylls by water balloon. Fix a starting point and completing point. Bear Grylls must start and collect the items and come to the end.
His team members to ensure Bear Grylls is not hit by the water balloon. Other three team members should ensure the Bear Grylls is wet.
After the first team completes, then the other teams play the same game one by one.

This is most suitable for OBT at the end of the session.

Try it out and enjoy.

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