Friday, September 22, 2017

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Outbound Training Game: Hat & Sweat

Hi all,

Hope you are enjoying the updates by Vertical Progress.

We are happy to see the audience worldwide reading our updates regularly. Vertical Progress is happy to give you free updates on our exclusive games for OBT.

Here we have one of our Brain Child - Hat & Sweat.

Requirement: 7 numbers of Hats
Team Size: 9 members each team.
Duration: 10 Minutes for planning and 5 minutes for playing for each team.

7 participants are called as the Runners and two others are called as Supplier & Buyer.

Supplier and Buyer is made to sit/stand at a distance of 30 to 50 meters.

Supplier shall wear all the 7 hats in his head.

Runners are the one need to transfer the hats, one by one among themselves and then they wear the hats to the other end person 'Buyer'. Time taken to transfer all the hats from the Supplier to the Buyer is calculated and the team transferring all the hats in least time is the winner.

1. All the 7 runners must select their stand and order they stand and they shall not change the order they stand.
2. Each runner will take the hat from the predecessor and he/she shall not give the hat to the successor. Rather the Successor shall take it from his/her predecessor. Each runner shall wear the hat in their head. The successor shall take it from the predecessor's head only.
3. The runner standing first shall take the hat from the supplier and the second one shall take it from the first and transfer to the 3rd and vise versa.
4. Only the 7th runner has the rights to take the hat form the predecessor and to put it on the head of the Buyer.
5. At any point of time, each runner shall have one one hat.

The runners represent departments of a manufacturing setup. First runner is the Purchase department. Second runner is the Storage Department, Third is Manufacturing, Fourth is Quality, Fifth is Packing, Sixth is Logistics and the Seventh is the Sales/Marketing Department. So the order of each runner shall remain same.

One hat is the capacity of the manufacturing setup. They can not handle more than one hat per department at a time.

Different teams have different strategies. The winning team is the one in which all the seven runners stand near the supplier in the same order and transfer the hats as per the order and together run towards the buyer and stand there in order and transfer the hats one by one and thus take less time.

We can understand through this game that any given task can be completed by many ways. This world prefer only Smart way of doing things in which the time and effort is less.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Energizer - 'Break the Routine"

Activity type: Energizer
Team size: up to 50
Time: 10 mins
Location: Indoor and outdoor.

Make the participants to stand in a circle.

Now, ask someone to say one and point your hand to the next person and go up to 3 or 4 participants. After the first person saying 'one' the next person will continue to say 'two' and 'three' and so on.

Stop after the 4th person and ask the team, 'I said the first person to count one and I didn't say anything to the other persons. Why did they started counting in ascending order?'

Debrief: This is called following the routine. We follow something in our life regularly and we don't try to ask why we do so? like the ham and small pan story.

Unless we break the routine and think before doing something, our life will not change.

Activity Continues:
Now, tell the participants to count from one to seven in an ascending order. They will comfortably count. After two rounds, impose the new rule.

New rule: Any person who is getting four, instead of saying 'four', they shall do some funny action (as you prescribe). If the person getting four says 'four' without doing the action or saying four by doing the action will be called 'out'. Anyone faulting will be out of the game.

Now you can observe the person gets 'four' will be getting out. (some times the person getting 'five' also will get out because, the 'four' will not say anything).

Continue to play the game till the last person standing.

Now, debrief:
It is easy to follow the routine and it's not easy to change our behavior. We will adopt to the new behavior by practice. So, continue to practice the new way of life even though you fail several times.

Fun and a strong message will be there.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Activities and Energizers

"Learning by doing" is the most effective way of learning.

Activities and Energizers (Icebreakers) play an important role in training programs. They help the trainers to teach even complicated concepts in an easy way. Do you remember the Fleming's left hand rule yet? That's the effectiveness of Activities and Icebreakers.

The trainers have a new challenge. Following the age old activities. Even if one of the participants had already done the game, the fun in the activity is completely lost. I have come across few fellow trainers actively start the game and the thrill is lost as it is repeated.

We in Vertical Progress constantly brainstorm to develop new activities so that we stay fresh. One such Signature Activity of Vertical Progress:

Requirement: Water Balloons (ten per participant)

Game name: Man Vs Wild

Group Size: Any

Game: Split the group in to four teams. Let each team nominate one of them as Bear Grylls. He need to collect three or four items paced at distance. Other three teams should stand in a circle or within a boundary at a distance that they can hit the Bear Grylls by water balloon. Fix a starting point and completing point. Bear Grylls must start and collect the items and come to the end.
His team members to ensure Bear Grylls is not hit by the water balloon. Other three team members should ensure the Bear Grylls is wet.
After the first team completes, then the other teams play the same game one by one.

This is most suitable for OBT at the end of the session.

Try it out and enjoy.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Advanced Negotiation Skills for Engineers

Our program on Advanced Negotiation Skills for Engineers.

Our recent program on Soft Skills.

Vertical Progress conducted Soft Skills Training Program for an MNC in Chennai with our able Success Coaches.

We coached the participants on Communication, Team Work, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Negotiation Skills, Problem Solving, Ownership, Work-Life Balance and Leadership.

Thanks to our team Mr. Sekhar, Dr. Bala, Mr. Ashraf, Mr. Murugabarathi, Mr. Charan, Mr. Udhayasandron, Miss. Sowmya and Mr. Prasanna.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Challenging Task Successfully handled.

Outbound Training - Learning by doing.

Our recent OBT for an MNC..!

Outbound Training Programs are really effective particularly to people working in a stressful environment.

Vertical Progress is unique in conducting these programs because, our facilitators are thought leaders. We create innovative on the spot games and also we follow some of the famous games. We in Vertical Progress do things differently.

It was really challenging when proposed to engage 200+ participants at a time. Many of us thought it is not easy to engage actively such a huge team of participants. But, our facilitators won the hearts by bringing out the smiles..!