Monday, February 22, 2021

Exiting opportunity for Trainers..!


Richness is achieved either by Higher Pay or by Copying the work multiple times. Higher Pay goes to only the most famous celebrities or world class performers. Anyone can become rich by copying his/her work multiple times. Now you have an opportunity to copy your work & to become RICH. 


Embrace the future. Reach out people beyond boundaries. Make your content to bring you passive income. Automate your Talent


If you have a content that can make people’s life easy,

If you have a content that can solve people’s problem,

If you have a content that is worth to pay and learn,

If you have a content that can bring a change in learner’s life,

YOU are good to go.

·      Start making your training program as video contents.

·      Frame set of questions like quiz to check the learner’s progress.

·      Let us upload your course in Vertical Progress LMS platform. 

·      Let us promote the platform and your course. You can also promote your course. 

·      Over and above the promotions done by Vertical Progress, you can also appoint resellers to promote your course by giving them a share of your income.


* If you need our support to make video content, edit the video & audio, we are happy to help you. We will coach you online on ‘how to make your video contents in simple ways’. If you still need someone to edit your video to remove the gaps, fillers, and mistakes, we have an affordable arrangement too. 

* We periodically coach our Instructors to create more sellable contents, creating them as successful brands, promote them online, engaging the customers to do more upselling and cross-selling. So, Vertical Progress is an association of talents supporting each other to grow together.

* The Unique feature of our platform: With the pool of budget for promotions, we can even hire the experts which normally an individual is not afford to


Unlimited Courses.!

                                    Unlimited Storage.!

                                                                        Unlimited Bandwidth.!

                                                                                                               Unlimited Students.!

Unlimited Income.!

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