Thursday, September 20, 2018

I'm 22, I just want to start a business, but unfortunately I've no any business idea; which business can I start at this age?

This is a question asked to us in Quora. Our answer as follows;

Age is not a criteria to start a business.
Passion and experience is the key.
Identify the business of your passion. Join some company of the same domain and work there for few years and gain experience. Starting a business without experience is risky.
After gaining experience, you can start your own business. This is the safest way of establishing a business.
Start a business of your passion with little investment as a part time venture. Gain experience and then grow steadily.
If you are prepared to face any challenge in the business and if your are mentally strong, just identify the business of your passion and start.
No business fails, but the business people fail.
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Prasanna, Team SAPT

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