Friday, September 21, 2018

Do you feel an MNC is a threat to your business?

From my knowledge about Indian market:
  1. Torino, Bovonto are some soda from Kalimark of Tamil Nadu still having their share despite of Coke and Pepsi fought to kill them.
  2. Thumpsup is an Indian brand from Parle stood strong and finally Coco-cola bought the brand for $60 millions and now owns it and promotes it.
  3. Patanjali is a consumer brand started in the year 2006 by an Indian Yoga giant Baba Ramdev. Now growing at a pace over 100% each year and projected to cross INR 25,000 Crores this fiscal year.
  4. Ujala from Jothy Labs almost cleaned Robin Blue of Reckitt Benckiser form fabric whitener segment.
  5. Vardhman Sewing Threats overtook the brand Coats in the Indian Tailoring Accessories.
  6. There is no MNC brand to challenge any of popular Indian brand in incense stick market which is huge in India. Haze from Reckitt Benckiser and Glade form Unilever ran away from the market in the speed they entered.
  7. In Life Insurance, LIC is an Indian brand and put to gather all Private and MNCs, they are unable to come near to the market share of LIC in 18 years of their presence.
Prasanna, SAPT

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