Sunday, June 3, 2018

Increasing Productivity by Effective Communication

Increasing Productivity is the biggest challenge today across professions and businesses. Winner is the one who increases the rate of production with the available resources. May it be selling or production in an industry. The winner is the one who produces more with the same resources.

Increasing Productivity with the available resources is seen almost a tough or an impossible task by many professionals. They finally blame others for demanding more.

There is a way to Increase the Productivity by Effective Communication. Effective Communication is not only communicating the way they understand but also the way that can move them to act. Today the world respects action rather the words. The world respects action oriented people than the people give reasons for failure.

To make your team to increase the productivity or to make yourself to increase the productivity, you must communicate to others or self in one method described here. Strictly follow the rule and the results are assured.

Each time you communicate, ensure you communicate only about the benefits one will get by doing so. This is exactly communicating "What Is In It For You". We often communicate "What to do" and fail to explain "What will be the benefit of doing so".

In a factory, a manager told me that it is almost impossible to motivate his teammates to produce more than what they normally produce. I asked him to list down the benefits the employees would get by producing more. He listed the slabs of production incentives, increments and promotions.

I believe there is always an effect of an action. I asked him about his expected level of productivity and equated such production with the benefits the employees would get. I wrote them in a sheet and asked him to present that to his employees in a manner they would understand and aspire for.

There are several benefits out of a good work. 1. Monitory Benefits, 2. Rewards like Promotion and 3. Appreciation. There are different types of employees and they may like any of these three benefits. We should identify the right person to promote the right benefit to get the desired result. For an example, to an employee who doesn't like promotion, we shall not explain the promotion norms. Instead we should explain the monitory benefits and appreciation.

One should keep in mind that 'nothing in this world is free'. You get something only if you can give something in return. Successful people believe in 'Building Dreams' and failures believe in 'Punishment'.

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