Thursday, February 23, 2017

Memorable OBT

Market for Outbound Training Program (OBT) is growing fast as the participants like to have fun-learning in an exotic location. Learning by doing is always easy and joyful than learning in a closed seminar hall.

In few organizations, it has become a mandate to take their employees out once in a year. Instead of just going for a tour, they want to club it with an Outbound Training Program to make it more memorable.

Vertical Progress is having such frequent opportunities to coach top organizations through OBT. It is not only a joyful experience for the participants, but also a desired assignment for team vertical Progress.

Vertical Progress is having tie-up with some of the best resorts to conduct such outbound training programs. We have such tie-up in Chennai, Mahapallipuram, Pondicherry, Yelagiri, Ooty, Kodaikanal and Yercaud.

Vertical Progress is more focused on developing creative games rather prototype games conducted by most of the training providers. For an example, an activity to prove and explain Pygmalion Effect created by us have received excellent feedback so far. Another activity "Hat & Sweat" relates the work pressure in a manufacturing plant. "Man Vs Wild"is a breath taking activity on Team Building and Team Loyalty.

Instead of performing Risky Games and Activities, Vertical Progress is more on to "Low Risk" activities. We have constantly proved that "Amusement" is not about risky games, it is all about "Tricky Games".

Debriefing after each activity is the key in OBT. We in Vertical Progress do meticulous homework and brainstorming before the training. Hence it is effective when we debrief after each such activities.

Call us to have a Meaningful, Fun-Learning & Exiting Outbound Training Program..!

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