Pike Place Magic

Pike Place Magic is a one day workshop on "Productivity through Creativity".


Pike Place Public Market, Seattle, USA, is a place of active business and delightful workers. It is a historic market functions since 1983. A fish shop in this market inspired the Fish Philosophy. Energizing Piano Busker Jeffery Circus, The First Starbucks outlet and Rachel the Piggy Bank are some important attractions of this market.

The facilitator, Mr. Prasanna Venkatesan personally visited this place and studied how they made this Public Market as the World’s 33rd Most Visited Attraction.

We are presenting this wonderful study through this elite workshop. This one day knowledge sharing will make the delegates to bring out the best in them. The message they carry will also influence others in their work place. As influenced by the city Seattle and the Pike Place Public Market, this workshop is also creative. No Power Point Presentation. No Bullet Points and Theories. Only Virtual Tour, Video Tour and more fun-filled Activities..!


To bring out the best in you.

To positively influence you.

To enhance the Joy in workplace.

To increase the overall productivity.


Virtual Tour          Video Tour            Activities

Who shall be benefited?

Team Leaders                 Business Owners           Managers

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